Monday, March 19, 2012

Grady's Room

With approximately six weeks to spare, Grady's room is finally complete! 
Here is the only "Before" pic I could find. This room used to be home to a twin bed like Whitney's, a super tall armoir that is now in storage, and a hand-painted dresser that is now in my office.  Before that, it held our treadmill, a giant black armoir, and just general disarray. Builder Beige walls, nothing exciting, you get the idea:

This is the only shot I can find of the dresser before Eric went to work on it.  Its a great piece of furniture that just needed some paint and TLC :) 

Eric putting the crib together....

Our pile of baby gear quickly made its way back to our house as family and friends heard baby #2 was on the way :) 

The dresser after some sanding and white paint.

The dresser after: 

The book shelf and ever-growing pile of baby gear:

And the amazing paint job Eric did allllll by himself :) Isnt it amazing!? Im so in love with the whole room, and I never thought I could love a nursery as much as I loved Whitney's when we were waiting for her to come home! 

My parents recently had some really awesome faux painting done in their home, and the professional artists saw one picture of Eric's work and said, "Oh, I would've charged you some astronomical rate just to encourage you to change your mind! Horizontal stripes?? THREE colors!? No way. We probably wouldve said 'no' to the job." Who knew horizontal stripes were soooo tricky!? 

Eric did an amaaaaazing job on the walls AND the dresser! 

And here is the sign we ordered from Creative Designs by Toni, who was AWESOME to work with! Really, she went WAY above and beyond to make this picky mama happy! I cant wait for the sign to get here so we can see the entire room DONE! 


I have about 94 posts/topics running through my head, but need to get pics uploaded and find time to type it all out.  I just wanted to get the pics of Grady's room out of the way since I already had those loaded to blogger. :) Another baby shower, another doc appt, a hospital tour, and more....coming soon. 


Mrs.Joe said...

I love all of it!! Gorgeous room Mama!!

Angela said...

Clicked over to check out your room (love it!) but was really shocked to see how much in common we have. We also went through infertility, adoption, and a surprise pregnancy--not to mention clotting issues and a PE in the past. Your daughter is adorable, and I hope all goes well the remainder of your pregnancy.

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